"The evening's musical feast. A riveting program. There was a good deal to admire in Gottlieb's obvious pleasure in performing and in his real insights into the music. Each piece had shape and on-going logic..Virtuoso...Beautifully colored and technically formidable. Excellent. Adventurous brilliance." - THE NEW YORK TIMES

"Jay Gottlieb is a virtuoso." - THE NEW YORKER

"Pianist Jay Gottlieb delivered an exceptionally witty and powerful performance. A proven talent in music...With his virtuosity, the occasion was electric: a stomping ovation." - THE VILLAGE VOICE, NEW YORK

"Intense pianist offers 9 powerful new pieces: Jay Gottlieb's thrilling appearance at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Gottlieb, a brilliant and engaged American interested in contemporary music, offered a virtuosic tour through a gamut of recent writing for solo piano. And Gottlieb's omnivorous taste is matched by his capacious technique. In one piece after another, he used rhythmic force and rhetorical fervor to make the music yield up its secrets. His tone was robust and sonorous, the dimensions of his attack stunningly precise. Beautiful." - SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

"Jay Gottlieb's extraordinary touch and 'élan' stand out. One all too rarely hears new music performed in a way that would do honor to old." - OPUS, USA

"Gottlieb has a warm, intimate sound and a corresponding sense of intimacy...A provocative and beautifully played recital." - GRAMOPHONE, GREAT BRITAIN

"Jay Gottlieb, the American pianist - student of Boulanger and Kontarsky, took on this giant program with its enormous technical difficulties with mastery. It was a gripping evening: the sensitivity and conviction of the pianist in the capacity-filled Akademie der Künste made this possible." - DER TAGES SPIEGEL, BERLIN, GERMANY

"Jay Gottlieb is a very versatile pianist. In our concert halls, one almost never hears such virtuosic, inspired, fascinating playing." - WESTDEUTSCHE ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG, GERMANY

"A special discovery at the close of the Berliner Musikfestival was the pianist Jay Gottlieb, who played with the ease and assurance of a specialist." - DARMSTADTER ECHO, GERMANY

"Jay Gottlieb's perfect performance kept the audience holding its breath." - NEUE RUHR ZEITUNG, GERMANY

"Gottlieb played in an attractive manner." - ESSENER TAGEBUCH, GERMANY

"Extraordinary. A magisterial performance, spellbinding, hypnotic...dense, rich and unforgettable timbre and colors. Splendid" - IL GIORNALE D'ITALIA, ITALY

"An interpretation worthy of 'cordon bleu' cuisine...rainbows and cathedral-like stained-glass windows acquiring a new and unforgettable savor. Refined playing that was much appreciated." - STAMPASERA, TORINO, ITALY

"The pianist Jay Gottlieb, a particularly inspired performer." - CD CLASSICA, ITALY

"The difficult solo piano part was played by Jay Gottlieb with a more than brilliant technique." - L'UNITA, TORINO, ITALY

"The piano soloist with the Orchestra della RAI, Jay Gottlieb, was extremely precise and admirable." - GAZZETTA DEL POPOLO, TORINO, ITALY

"Jay Gottlieb is a likeable musician: enthusiastic, as generous as one could hope for, and doted with a pianistic technique as infallible as it is irresistible...What a fascinating sound palette, what a wealth of fervor and of interiority, and also what daring! Jay Gottlieb gave readings with an artistry of touch and temperament that were simply magnificent...searching, nuanced and greatly differentiated in its details, exciting and muscular in its long lines. Rhythmic solidity, a sense of proportion and expansively-colored sonorities, a maximum of enthusiasm, aplomb and conviction. A revelation." - LUXEMBURGER WORT, LUXEMBURG

"Jay Gottlieb is a master...whether it be with thunderous climates or with delicate, clear, linear material...In passages with chords, he reveals great sensuality, painting a tasty musical landscape, visiting all that the 88 keys of the keyboard can offer." - LA LIBERTE, FRIBOURG

The French press

"Exceptional quality...real virtuosity...a prodigious musician...Jay Gottlieb, a pianist above all suspicion...Dazzling soloist, one must hail his performance. The music flows naturally through a continuum which starts rock-bottom with the notes and finally attaining spheres of rare spirituality: he goes to the depths of all he plays...an interpreter as well as clairvoyant. The pianist renders. The pianist renders the works irresistible...fluid, sumptuous, fine, intense, moments of mystery and of jubilation. Incomparable Jay Gottlieb." - LE MONDE, FRANCE

"The transcendent American pianist, Jay Gottlieb...a prodigious technique, an exceptional musical intelligence, and a temperament of fire. One of the most astonishing artists that I have heard in a long time." - LE MATIN DE PARIS

"The pianist Jay Gottlieb: superb... Possessing a solid technique... Remarkably interpreted by Jay Gottlieb...The incomparable pianism of Jay Gottlieb, magnificently musical... A genius" - LE FIGARO, FRANCE

"Jay Gottlieb, an exceptionally gifted pianist. If you have already heard this extraordinary pianist, it is sure and certain that you will go hear him again in one of his skillfully constructed programs. Nothing gratuitous, either in the choice of works or in their substance." - LIBERATION, FRANCE

"At the piano, Jay Gottlieb is luminous; the word is not too strong. The brilliant American pianist succeeded in revealing the intrinsic architecture. Contrary to numerous interpretations which are beginning to encumber record stores, this one never bores...Strength, devotion, also courage, not to mention a bared sensitivity: Jay Gottlieb possesses all of these attributes, and many more...His recording of the piano works of Ives will remain the reference, far in front of the others...Sparkling and very skillful Jay Gottlieb, who one imagines devouring his piano. This magnificent program devoted to the music for 'non-prepared' piano of John Cage is taken on with absolute freedom, a brilliant acuity...In a way that nobody else has done, Gottlieb underscores and exalts Cage's stylistic evolution over a fifty-year period. An irreproachable and impressive program in its generosity." - REPERTOIRE, FRANCE

"Jay Gottlieb is one of the most adventurous pianists today. With these pieces, often technically daunting, the talented Jay Gottlieb does more than well...Jay Gottlieb's interpretation inspires no reservations...The agility of his playing, the care for clarity of sonic layers...The pianist explores this special piano music with a care and a passion that he succeeds in conveying...His CD 'Continents' marvelously crystallizes his panoramic and polymorphous virtuosity. He has brought to our ears extremely beautiful music, all the while rendering manifest the judicious choices of a truly fine musician. This CD provides a precious intoxication. " - CLASSICA, FRANCE

"Jay Gottlieb gives a worthy interpretation, dazzling and refined. This is an opportunity for the listener to receive a heady lesson in technique as well as a course in esthetics. Jay Gottlieb is a rare personality. One that, right from the first notes, gives you the impression of rediscovering these works. Perhaps Jay Gottlieb has acquired that extra-musical dimension particular to the great: the sense of measure, the moment when the note enters into communication with silence. An impalpable space of which the pianist remains the faithful mediator, attentive and inspired...Sovereign playing that flirts with perfection." - LES INROCKUPTIBLES, FRANCE

"There are musicians who surpass mere virtuosity to attain that fragile, sensitive, ineffable sphere that is the essence. A sphere that can be reached only the by the intelligence of the text, that cannot be explained in either analytical or technical terms. A sphere that you can feel opening itself up to our hearing, that seems self-evident, that moves us, convinces us that here is music without pretense or affectation, without lies or theatrics. Jay Gottlieb belongs to this race of musicians...Jay Gottlieb is magnificent here, dominating his subject...an immense virtuosity, poetry...rigorous...perfectly free...His touch is of unbelievable precision, his phrasing of astonishing clarity, and what suppleness! Masterful." - DIAPASON, FRANCE

"Gottlieb is without a doubt one of the strongest personalities among contemporary pianists. Jay Gottlieb makes these pieces come alive. He dares to use colors, nuances, never losing sight of his intentions or falling into the trap of mechanical gestures: he interprets, in the strongest sense...In this recording, Jay Gottlieb plays with imperturbable precision and seriousness, drawing from his piano extraordinary and mysterious sonorities. Gottlieb takes pleasure in enabling you to discover the dizzying depths...Jay Gottlieb gives his all and accomplishes a veritable show of fireworks while steering clear of facileness or vain virtuosity. Exemplary!" - TELERAMA, FRANCE

"Jay Gottlieb, one of the masters of piano today. With a beautiful program, the pianist gave proof of his immense talent. An interpretation both deep and full of grace, Gottlieb for a moment becoming a glorified personification of the mythic figure of Liszt...Jay Gottlieb offers a remarkable interpretation, never losing the sense of mystery or architecture. In this music he deploys colors seldom heard. Jay Gottlieb offers an admirable lesson in simplicity and sonic beauty...a science of detail and of breathing...finesse and spontaneity...Listen to his mastery of rhythm and of melody, where each note, each chord reveals its own intensity...An inspired pianist, attentive to a space where all is music...Transcendent." - LE MONDE DE LA MUSIQUE, FRANCE

"A complete musician, the pianist Jay Gottlieb embraces the totality of his repertoire of predilection with renewed sensitivity and talent, finding for each work the ideal illumination." - PIANISTE, FRANCE

"Jay Gottlieb, an encylopedia of contemporary piano music...Jay Gottlieb's rapid-fire and supple mind seizes just what is necessary to give the music what it needs...the American pianist caresses mystery...a dreamy work that Jay Gottlieb interprets with subtlety, and with pedaling that would have enchanted the composer...Jay Gottlieb creates a sense of space with infinite delicacy." - PIANO MAGAZINE, FRANCE

" All of the qualities of Jay Gottlieb's playing were heard in this recital: precision, clarity, balance. Everything sounds with a rare evidence. A tour de force of other-worldly beauty. Electrifying fingers." - LA LETTRE DU MUSICIEN, FRANCE

"The pianist Jay Gottlieb never ceases to astonish us by the vitality and freshness of his playing...An accomplished energy and sense of nuances." - ZURBAN, FRANCE

"Extraordinary Jay Gottlieb...magnificent both in power and in subtlety, displaying an almost infinite range of colors. And that, to tell the truth, surprised no one. His recital was perhaps the most memorable moment of the Messiaen Festival, not only because he dominated the sometimes formidable difficulties of his program, but because he gave proof of an imagination that one witnesses too rarely these days." - CONCERTO NET.COM

"Jay Gottlieb brings to these scores the vision of a pianist full of curiosity and invention, the reading of an artist who clearly cherishes the text and its flow." - VIRGIN MEGAPRESSE, FRANCE

"An absolute treat: the inimitable Jay Gottlieb presented a terrific program...The Ives was given a spacious, romantic reading filled with sensuous sonority...The Scelsi was played with color and conviction...Played with great power, the Wolpe gave an invigorating shot of adrenaline to the ears...Gottlieb proved equal to the extremes of touch demanded by Messiaen...The suite of 'Four Pianissimo Pieces' was a masterstroke of programming...The Adams was a magical moment. His reading was effervescent and impressive. I can't remember a program with so much music on it I wanted to hear. Gottlieb's taste in repertoire can hardly be improved on." - SEQUENZA 21.COM

"The remarkable pianist, Jay Gottlieb, a veritable walking charged battery who plays wonderfully." - 7 A PARIS, FRANCE

"...magnificently served by Jay Gottlieb." - CADENCES, FRANCE

"Jay Gottlieb, a prodigious pianist." - LE POINT, FRANCE

"Jay Gottlieb, by far more original in his programming...Class...His recording stands out from the heap." - L'EXPRESS, FRANCE

"At the keyboard, Jay Gottlieb is immediately himself. And a pianist of phenomenal capacities. He masterfully dominated the tumult of sound that, with his fingers, he created and animated...Jay Gottlieb's readings were absolutely remarkable...a dazzling recital...a solid pianist...sculptures in diamond...an ideal interpreter." - DERNIERES NOUVELLES D'ALSACE, FRANCE

"Jay Gottlieb is an immense pianist. Fascinating. A 'phenomenon' with a phenomenal technique, exceptional temperament and musical intelligence. His interpretation was, quite simply, fabulous. His art is based on the quality of touch and well-calculated gradation of sonic intensity. This is great artistry. A major musical event." - LA DEPECHE DU MIDI, FRANCE

"A prestigious interpreter, one of the foremost pianists of our time: wonderful and surprising Jay Gottlieb! The American pianist cast a spell on the music-loving audience which responded warmly to his quest to communicate. It has been said that Jay Gottlieb had a particular talent for contemporary music, but this label is clearly incomplete. Whatever style or period he tackles, Jay Gottlieb knows how to respect its canons of interpretation while bringing to it his own personality. Which is immense. An incomparable technician, a cultivated interpreter, refined, a sure sensibility which avoids the trap of sentimentality. An intense interiority which burns in him but that he is capable of sharing with his listeners. Jay Gottlieb's phenomenal talent manifested itself so completely that the massive audience accorded him a triumph." - NICE-MATIN, FRANCE


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